Our Boat: The Reel Hero


Step aboard the Reel Hero. This classic 26 foot, 1977 Chris Craft is a very safe and reliable vessel, with a proven successful fishing pedigree. Enjoy comfortable leather upholstered seating; easily accommodating up to 8 people, and with our spacious back deck you will have plenty of room for fighting fish or catching rays. Our brand new, fully enclosed bimini keeps you warm, dry and out of the wind during inclement weather and keeps you cool in the shade during the heat of the summer. Clients also have access to our top of the line marine sound system. (AM/FM/AUX) Cheer on the Toronto Blue Jays while out fishing! The boat also includes on board bathroom facilities, inboard coolers, USB charging stations and plenty of interior and exterior lighting, perfect for those early morning charters.


O.S.G.A Members:


The O.S.G.A. Charters and Guides, provide customers with an enjoyable charter fishing experience while fishing in Ontario. Fishing is a time honoured activity suitable for anyone. Getting out into healthy fresh air on the open water applying your skills and patience to land that big one is a memorable experience.

The O.S.G.A are a group of professional fishing charter boat operators and guides in Ontario established for over 25 years. Individual members warrant that they comply with government safety and vessel operation regulations.

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